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My services include magic spells, love spells, money spells,
white magic,
black magic, witchcraft and voodoo. Unlock the secrets…..

Voodoo Spells

Voodoo [Vudu], also Vodun is a predominantly Creole religion, which is based in Haiti and other parts of America and in Africa. The religion is known in western countries especially for the “dark arts” and practicing of white and black magic. This faith came to the West Indies with the enslavement of West Africa, which included elements of other religions. Worldwide Voodoo has about 60 million followers.

Voodoo knows only one God, is Bondieu (French for “Good God”), derived from creole called Bondye. Since Bondieu is however so great that the believer cannot contact him directly, there is the Loa as a mediator. The Loa is a divine spirit, in whose power it is to change things. For the Voodoo believers Loa Racine, the Family Loa, whose worship takes place within the family for generations, while the main contact person.


Incenses used in voodoo rituals.

Incense has been used since time immemorial as offerings to the gods. The man has believed it is pleasing to deities and spirits, and that it is a medium, or channel, for carrying wishes and petitions to the Gods who find fragrant aromas to be most pleasurable. The use of incense is mentioned in the Bible and has been used by most religions including Voodoo. Voodooist will often use more than one incense in a ritual and will also add one or more oils to the burning incense to strengthen its effect.

Voodooist uses
incense more intensively than other religions. For their own mysterious purposes, they use incenses taken from many climes, cultures, and other religions. The Voodooist will use any religious article, regardless of its origin, if he feels that it will assist his rituals. He bends it, so to speak, to his own mystical purpose.

Meanings given are in general the most widely accepted beliefs. They may vary somewhat from locale to locale.

Wicca Spells

Get back lost love via Wicca

Wicca is a form of pagan religion which follows white magic to cast spells, spells cast with Wicca are very strong and works each time. Today Wicca is very widely practiced and known for casting a different kind of spells of which love spell is the most important spell cast using Wicca magic. Wicca originated from England and followed worshiping of a god and a goddess traditionally viewed as the moon goddess and the horned god. Since the moon was a very vital aspect of worshiping hence problems like love related to the moon were much solved using Wicca magic.



Burnout Help

Do you feel unorganized, unmotivated, have no energy and you don’t know why? These are often times the result of patterns, trends, and routines that we have gotten ourselves into without realizing it. These patterns and routines can be changed and manipulated to have positive rather than negative effects on your life. You can have anything you want if you put your mind to it and we can help! Please contact us for a consultation.

Always under pressure? We offer you stress management and meditation seminars!

Get out of the victim role.

We must learn to look at a person holistically. People are not just a machine that runs from morning to night in full swing.

How can I limit myself? How do I learn to say no? How do I deal with criticism? How do I deal with my desire for perfection? How can I have more time for my family and myself? The company also benefits from these things, because employees learn how to manage their lives and time better, thus fewer sick days.

Nothing is more difficult to endure, and nothing requires more character than to be open with one’s self and say, NO!

BurnoutCrisis of the successful

Nowadays, the lifestyle we have at our working and also personal life, created new challenges, possibilities, but also new threads. More and more people feel tired, exhausted or depressed. Scientists recognized three fatigue conditions: persistent fatigue among employees, burnout, and chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS). Research made on animals and athletes has shown that fatigue is an emotion that is created by the brain in order to protect the body from potential damage (caused by the inappropriate physical load). The brain evaluates many physiological and psychological parameters (for example oxygenation, thirst, muscle soreness, certain blood parameters, emotional state, lack of sleep, visual feedback, knowledge of the target, level of motivation) and then, if the levels are critical, it creates the experience of fatigue.
Burnout and CFS share similar symptoms and both are triggered by stress. The main difference is the cause of the disease: burnout is psychological and CFS is physical. Both conditions are associated with a hypofunction of the HPA axis.To feel irreplaceable and overwhelmed is a sign of anxiety. Very often people also fear they will be unable to fulfill the expectations of their family, job, friends, and colleagues. Do you need a help? Speak with us!


Are you feeling sick, weak or experience an overall lack of energy? Do you need to solve your current situation or problem with the help of magic because all other solutions have failed? Try to solve your problems with us, we’re looking forward to hearing from you!


Help and Treatment

The first thing you need is to learn how you can relax. The best way how to relax your body and mind is called meditation. You do t know how to meditate?In our courses, participants will learn and practice different methods of meditation.  We can also teach you special types of meditation that will make your thoughts and feelings more clear, plus help you manage stress more easily. Please contact us for an appointment.

Mediation in Everyday life: Take time for yourself! You can start with spending five minutes a day for meditation and slowly increase your relaxation time at home to 30 minutes every day. You can also use meditation for little breaks in between your work. We offer customized stress management and meditation seminars!

Burnout: the spiral

<p>Burnout: it is a state of emotional exhaustion, depersonalization, and decreased personal accomplishment, due to excessive workload or time pressure of a job. This state is caused not just by pressure, but affected person experiences also being out of control, or having a variety of tasks, which are not under the control. It has been proved that these job demands correlate with feelings of exhaustion.
1 A pain of all kinds
2 Problems with sleep
3 Energy loss
4 Narrow-minded: I can not change the situation
5 Irritability, aggressiveness, outbursts, and insults
6 Concentration and memory problems
7 More work: I have to complete my task.
8 Social withdrawal: My job leaves me no time for a personal life
9 Guilt
10 Panic attacks
11Problems with motivation and lack of interest
12 Severe mood swings
13 Suicidal thoughts
14 Apathy and / or distressing restlessness

Just emailed to let you know that the love talisman I ordered from you worked for me and now I am back with my girlfriend. I thank you for all your help and support. God Bless.

Rony Koffi (Greensboro nc)

I ordered the egyptian ring. At first I was very skeptical. Once I received the ring and started using it. My life changed dramatically, my business picked up and now I am leading a very happy and a satisfactory life. I am not done with you and be sure to hear more from me. Regards.

Adam Bamidele (U.K)
Thanks for money talisman sir. I am noticing fewer struggles in professional life and gradual increases financially. Quiet comforting.
Best Regards.

Laurence Rosy S.Africa

Just emailed to let you know that the love talisman I ordered from you worked for me and now I am back with my girlfriend. I thank you for all your help and support. God Bless.

Linda Whitmore (USA)

Norno: I just wanted to thank you! I’ve been using your kits and voodoo dolls and have had wonderful results! I worked really hard on them and it is so great to see such results! The love doll definately worked as the one I love has just told me he wants me to move up to the area he lives in because he misses me so! Also the times we have spent together he has been much more affectionate! I’m so excited. Thank you so much!

Private (USA)

Hi, Norno I Used The love doll kit first and got results the same night, I will continue to use it until he returns to me . HE WAS FULL OF I LOVE YOU’S ALL EVENING AFTER I TRIED IT. EVEN SCREAMING IT OUT LOUD. THANK YOU!

Private (EUROPE)

Okay! You win! Even though I only tried the love attraction kit because a friend recommended it, I was so skeptical!!!!!!!!!!!!! BUT the three days after I finished everything I got 7 calls on a personal ad I had placed. That might seem normal but I had placed ads for a year and got hardly any calls at all until I finished the kit! I am ordering some money stuff next!

Private (USA)

Hi! Guess what???? He’s home!! He came back about three days ago, apologized (this has never happened before – he always found a way to blame me for whatever went wrong), AND said he wants to go to counselling! After I kiss the person who recommended you to me, I would like to kiss you, too!


…you know, I found you by accident – but maybe it was not a accident at all. I believe that I would not be where I am today if I would not have gotten it together enough to order the kits and the doll. Things worked out great between us and I just wnated you to know that.

Ricardo (Spain)

Dear Norno: Everything is going so well. The fourth day of doing spell#2 “Love Me Again”. He called me saying that “He missed me…….when he told me he loved me he meant it….he wants me back” and so much more. I was so happy. On the last day of doing the trail with the sand of time* , that next day he was at my doorstep wanting to spend time with our daughter and I. Norno , I thank you so so so much. Words can not describe how much I thank you.

Private (USA)


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