Spell to clean your Aura

Spell to clean your Aura

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This spell has been 11 years in the making and is now ready for the public. This spell has the power to clean your Aura. You and every other living person have an Aura. Some people have the ability to see others Aura’s around them. Your Aura defines your past, your present, and future. Your Aura determines if you will be happy, sad, lonely, rich, poor, strong, weak and so on. A clean aura removed of imperfections and clutter will allow the good things to come into your life. However, if your aura is filled with imperfections, your life will never be fulfilled. You will never have the life that you want, the money that you need and the love that you deserve. The negativity that is present in a disorganized and cluttered aura will prevent you from achieving your goals, happiness, Love, and success. Sometimes you feel that your life is just negatively spiraling out of control and there is no way to succeed. Just like you have to clean up your house or remove files from your computer you also have to clean your Aura from time to time. Simply order the spell and within 48 hours of the spell being cast and your Aura will be clean. You will feel 100x’s better. you will be open for positive energy with no negativity in the way. Thank you


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