Speak to the Dead Spell power of sky Goddess.

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Speak to the Dead Spell power of sky Goddess.

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This is the pendant of Nut, the Ancient Egyptian sky goddess. The Pendant will give the rightful owner the power to speak and communicate with the Dead. After wearing it for a few days you will begin to see visions of the dead and be able to call upon the dead. To the ancient Egyptians Nut (Nuit) was the personification of the sky ( originally she was a goddess of just the sky at day, where the clouds formed) and the heavens. She was believed to be the daughter of the gods Shu and Tefnut, the granddaughter of the sun god Ra. Her husband was also her brother, Geb. She was thought to be the mother of five children on the five extra days of the Egyptian calendar, won by Thoth- Osiris who was born on the first day, Horus the Elder on the second, Set on the third, Isis on the fourth, and Nephthys the last born on the fifth day.


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