Protection Spell

Protection Spell

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This is one of the Aran Covens oldest and most famous spells. The Aran Coven Protection Spell. This spell has been in our Coven since the late 1500’s. Over the years this spell has been enhanced and perfected several times over by different members of the Coven. each of them adding something new to the spell. You will receive not only the worlds strongest protection spell but the work of over 30 witches and 500 years of experience. Various negativity surrounds us in are day to day life. No matter what you do or don’t do these negative influences may decide to focus on you and your family. However when you begin to practice magic or witchcraft the chances of you drawing these negative mischief makers increases greatly. This is a must have spell for the beginner in magic or witchcraft. Or if you have been practicing without. This spell will protect you and your loved ones at all times. From accidents, Fire, sickness, natural disasters, loss of job, loss of house and possessions, lawsuits and any other negativity in this world. This spell won the spell of the year award at the national witchcraft convention in 2003 and has been protecting families for the last 500 years. If you or your loved ones are in need of protection don’t hesitate to purchase. We are living in a time of sickness and natural disaster. Don’t be another statistic. Be safe. Anyone can cast a spell but not many can cast a spell with such power and success.


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