Mind Control Spell

Mind Control Spell

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This is the ultimate mind control spell from the Aran Coven. This spell is one of our rarest spells and is to only be used by responsible persons and is never to be used to fatally harm or injure anyone. This spell will allow you to control what others think, feel, love and decide. Simply focus on what you want that person to believe and do and it will happen. If you are looking for that job promotion this can make that happen. If you are out at a bar or club and wish that certain person falls all over you this will make it happen. Just simply approach that person and start talking. Believe in your mind that they are extremely attracted to you and they will be for real. As you learn to use this Spell you will get better and better with it. Need a new job, need a promotion at work, Need someone to do things for you for free. Just simply think about it while asking for these things and the person you are talking to will go into a small trance and be at your disposal. Is your wife or husband not doing what you want in bed. Then you need this spell. Thank you and please use responsibly.


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