Aloe Powder (L) (P)

//Aloe Powder (L) (P)

Aloe Powder (L) (P)

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Aloe is a powerful protectant against all forms of evil. It is added to home protection sachets and hung at entrances of the home.

To Arouse a Dying Love. . . mix the Aloe with Attraction Oil and anoint your lover on his/her hands and on the back of the neck. Burn as an incense for making your love affair stronger.

To Attract a New Love . . . mix the Aloe with Come To Me Oil, and sprinkle this mixture on you as you stand in the moonlight.

If your loved one is away . . . burn this herb with incense every day to keep that person protected and to bring him/her back safely.

Mix with Copal and burn to bring love.

Hangover your front door or in your windows to bring good luck.


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