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Herbal Magic involves the use of spiritual power inherent to roots and herbs in healing spells, protection spells, success spells, money spells, love spells, hexing, and revenge spells. Traditions such as Santeria, Ifa, Voodoo, Hoodoo and Wicca use herbs in magical oils, incense, spiritual baths and conjure bags. Below you will find a list of magickal herbs including Wiccan herbs, witchcraft herbs, magick herbs, ritual herbs, spell herbs and pagan herbs.”

Angelica Root (P)

Practitioners of herbal magic use Angelica Root to provide strength to ward off evil. This magical herb is powerful guardian used by many people to purify their home and drive out Evil Spirits.

To ward off Hexes and Spells, brew it into a tea and sprinkle in the corners of each room in your home. Place the root in a Conjure Bag and hang it over the front door to keep evil away from your home and family.

To prevent evil persons from entering your home, mix with Sandalwood Powder and scatter the mixture across the front of your house.

Mix Angelica with Witches’ Salt to repel all workings of your enemies.

Agrimony (P)(R)(U)

Agrimony is commonly used in magic herbal protection sachets and spells.
This magical herb has the ability to repel hexes and curses when added to uncrossing spells. It acts as a deflective shield sending bad vibrations back to the source.

Rub Agrimony Oil onto a White Image candle or jumbo candle, roll the anointed candle in the herb. Burn one inch each day to break any spell or hex that has been placed on you.

Burn on charcoal as an incense to reverse a spell or hex cast upon you.

Stuff a red conjure bag with Agrimony, sprinkle in Agrimony Essential Oil and place it under your pillow to relieve insomnia.

Alfalfa ($)

Traditionally, Alfalfa is used in herbal magic for “luck” and “money drawing” and to ensure against poverty.

This herb “plays well” with other herbs such as Basil, Patchouli, and Goldenseal. Together, these luck and money herbs enhance chances for success in money matters while adding a bit of protective insurance.

To protect yourself from poverty, mix Alfalfa with Money Drawing Incense and burn it in your home.

Brew into a tea and sprinkle under furniture to draw money into the home.

Alkanet (C)($)(P)(U)

Alkanet is a purifying herb, smudged or burned on charcoal tablets to remove negative energy and protect. It is especially effective in fending off the work of a foe interested in crossing up your financial affairs.

To gain wealth, mix it with Patchouli and burn at midnight on the night of the full moon.

Aloe Powder (L) (P)

Aloe is a powerful protectant against all forms of evil. It is added to home protection sachets and hung at entrances of the home.

To Arouse a Dying Love. . . mix the Aloe with Attraction Oil and anoint your lover on his/her hands and on the back of the neck. Burn as an incense for making your love affair stronger.

To Attract a New Love . . . mix the Aloe with Come To Me Oil, and sprinkle this mixture on you as you stand in the moonlight.

If your loved one is away . . . burn this herb with incense every day to keep that person protected and to bring him/her back safely.

Mix with Copal and burn to bring love.

Hangover your front door or in your windows to bring good luck.


Mild and gently commanding. More of a “persuasion” herb. Burned in combination with other herbs, for example, w/ roses and apple blossoms for a subtly forceful love incense. Said to be a particular favorite of “nice” spirits. (also called Marshmallow Root)

Arnica Flower (P)

Arnica Flower is used in magick for psychic powers and

For protection from spirits and to keep unwanted visitors or deviants away from your home, boil the flowers into a tea and sprinkle it across all door frames and window panes throughout your home or business.

Asafoetida (P) (X)

One of the strongest protection herbs.
Burn alone on charcoal or add to an incense blended to drive away evil and destroy negativity. Use in any space for exorcism and purification.
If you want to get even with someone by returning misery or distress, sprinkle some of this powder on their front doorstep.

This horrible smelling herb can also be found in chunks. Throw some in a person’s car if they’ve harmed you, they will surely be sorry.


Hexing, Steadfastness, patience, and perseverance. Wrap a person name in Balmony or sprinkle the herb on a picture of them to make them become sick. Carry the herb and it will help you to get over a lost love. Keep near the sick and it will help cure eating disorders. Make a wash of it and wash your 3rd eye to see the truth clearly. Burn it to make people choke on lies. Burn to cause someone harm. For those who sought revenge, this had been put with the bully’s name in a black cloth, and then bound and buried at the foot of a grave.

Bay Leaves

Powers: Protection, Psychic Power, Healing, purification, strength.

Magical Uses: Bay is used in clairvoyance and wisdom brews. Bay leaves are placed beneath the pillow to induce prophetic dreams. It is a protection and purification herb and is worn as an amulet to ward off negativity and evil, burned or scattered during exorcism rituals. Bay Leaves mixed with sandalwood can be burned to remove curses and evil spells. An excellent purification and protection herb. Sacred to the muses and useful for artists, poets, and writers. Said to promote inspiration and creativity. Place a bay leaf on the page for inspiration. Smoke from the burning leaves is ideal for consecrating (see Rituals) musical instruments and artists tools.

Balm of Gilead (L) ($) (P)

Steep Balm of Gilead Buds in red wine for a love potion.

Mix Balm of Gilead Buds in a red flannel pouch with Rosebuds, Lavender flowers, and Couch Grass. Tie the pouch tightly and wear it on a string around your neck to mend a broken heart and attract a new lover.

Mix with Rosebuds, Lavender Flowers and Lemon Grass, then use as an incense to make a lover return, mend a broken heart, or open the doors to a new lover.

Add this herb to your protection bag or mojo bag for good luck while gambling. Protect yourself from the evil eye.

Barberry Root (P)

If you want to protect your home or business from enemies, to keep away evil and negativity, scatter this grain on the ground outside around your home or business. Sprinkle it across your path or walkway and into your premises.


Magical Uses: Basil protects from evil and negativity, and aids in attracting and keeping love. It is used for purification baths and in wealth and prosperity rituals. Carrying a basil leaf in your pocket brings wealth, and if powdered basil is sprinkled over your mate while they sleep, it is supposed to eliminate infidelity from your marriage. Can be used to soothe tempers between two lovers, as the smell of basil causes sympathy between two people. Can be added to love sachets, and rubbed on the skin as a natural love attracting perfume. Basil is also used in love divinations. Place two fresh basil leaves on top of a live coal. If they lie where you put them, and burn quickly to ashes, the relationship in question, will be happy and harmonious, but if they crackle and pop, the life of the couple will be disturbed by quarrels, and if the leaves fly apart with fierce crackling, the relationship is undesirable.


Powers: Prosperity, Wishes, and Money
Magical Uses: Used in spells of prosperity and to gain money. Also used in spells to regain money owed to you.

Benzoin Powder (C) ($) (P)

Burn Benzoin to cleanse and protect a home, also used for purification

Burn on charcoal with Cinnamon and Copal for better business.

Bladderwrack ($) (X)

Make into a tea and mop the floors, wash the windows and sprinkle in the doorway of a business to attract customers.

Place a small mound in the bathroom of someone you dislike and it is alleged they will develop irritation of the urinary tract in about nine weeks.

Blessed Thistle

An herb of protection and vitality. A bowlful placed in a room strengthens the spirits and renews vitality. One may be carried for added strength and energy. They offer protection when grown in the garden or carried in the pocket. Throwing them into a fire will deflect lightning away from your home. Wearing a garment made from thistle will break any spell. Poppets are also stuffed with thistle to break spells.

Bloodroot (P) (L)

Burn or carry a piece in a red flannel bag to defeat hexes.

To keep away evil, blend thoroughly with Blue Stone, Sugar, and Cinnamon. Wrap in a piece of red flannel and carry it with you.

Burn as an incense or carry the root if someone is trying to take your husband or lover.

Sew some into your mate’s pillow to help keep them faithful.

Keep this root with you to attract a new lover.

Boneset (P) (U)

This herb is very good for exorcisms, rub the leaves on the body of the possessed and then burn them outside.

Buckthorn ($) (L) (P)

BURDOCK: To have one wish granted, brew into a strong tea and sprinkle in a small circle during a full moon. Dance inside the circle and concentrate on your desire.

Burdock (C) (P)

Boil in water and let cool. Use as a floor wash for purifying areas where rituals are to be held. Sprinkle in all four corners of the room during the ritual.

Carry in a white flannel bag for protection.

Calamus (CN)

A powerful controlling root uses it to control a person or situation. It is popular in Voodoo because of its strength.

Add power to any hexing, controlling or dominating spell by burning as an incense during rituals.

Simply growing this plant brings luck to the gardener.

Calendula (CT) ($)

Used for legal difficulties and for money. Has a mild, gentle action. Add to the bath to win admiration and respect from others.

To protect against nightmares and make certain all dreams come true, sprinkle dried bits of this flower under your bed.

Cascara Sagrada (CT)

Make an infusion of this herb and sprinkle around your house before going to court, to receive a favorable verdict.

To have the judge look upon your evidence favorably, place this herb along with Success Powder in the briefcase containing your court papers.

To help win court cases, brew into a potent tea and sprinkle around the court room.

Catnip (L) (U)

Add to love potions, to calm down a rocky relationship.

Mix with Rose Petals in a love sachet to spice up your relationship.

Brew into a tea sweetened with pure honey and drink. It will calm your nerves and break even the most powerful spell.

Celandine (LSA)

To keep the law away, spread one pound of Celandine all around your yard at midnight.

Chamomile (L) ($) (P) (U)

Brew and use as a hand wash before playing cards or gambling. It is said to ensure luck and constant winning if used with regularity. Calms the nerves and gives energy in adversity.

Protect your children from any kind of harm by making this herb into a tea and adding it to your child’s bath water. Often used in Uncrossing formulas.

If you are trying to get your mate to propose mix this herb with Marriage Oil and sprinkle onto the sheets of your bed prior to making love.

Chickweed (L) (PH)

To attract a new romance or maintain a relationship mix Chickweed Roses, and Orange Blossoms into your bath water.

To maintain a good marriage add a little bit to your partner’s food every day.

Bring peace to your home by sprinkling tea brewed from this herb throughout the house.


Carry in a red bag to protect from evil spirits. It is said that drinking an infusion of chrysanthemum cures drunkenness.

Cinquefoil ($)

Also known as “Five Finger Grass”, a powerful money drawing effect can be established by mixing Cinquefoil, Cinnamon, Cloves, and 4 Tonka Beans in a green flannel bag. Carry the bag with you at all times. Anoint the bag with Money Drawing oil while saying a money drawing prayer each day.


Use this herb in binding spells for relationships, commitments, protection, and tenacity.


Powers: Protection, Love, Exorcism, and Money.

Magical Uses: To attract riches, drive away hostile and negative forces, stop others from gossiping about you, produce spiritual vibrations and purify the area, burn as an incense. To attract the opposite sex and bring comfort to the bereaved, wear or carry Cloves.

Coltsfoot (PS)

Burn the leaves to help you see the future.

Comfrey Root ($)

To make a business trip profitable, brew Comfrey into a tea and sprinkle it on your luggage before departure.

Good for mojo and good luck bags.

Rub some on your money to help you hold onto it.

Cornflower (L)

Brew into a tea, sprinkle inside and outside the house to bring peace and happiness to a marriage.

Cubeb Berries (L)

Known as the love berry. Use in your bath water or carry in a Red flannel bag.

Makes a lover more amorous or a prospective lover more willing. Must be powdered and then eaten by the one you desire.

Combine powdered Cubeb Berries with Love Powder and Come To Me Oil in the path of the one you desire,

Damiana (L)

First, allow the herb to dry then ground it into a powder and add it to coffee, tea or wine. It is the love herb a potent aphrodisiac. Makes men ready and increases their nature.

Also, use in a love bath.

Devil’s Shoestring

A common and potent root utilized most frequently in Hoodoo practices. Carry in a Red bag for protection.

Put some roots in a small jar with whiskey and camphor, and when any sort of power boost is needed, take out a piece and carry or rub on hands.

Some believe it even gets its name, referring to its ability to “trip up the devil,” as if you tied his shoelaces together.

Devil’s Shoestring is also known to be of particular help in preventing the wearer from being poisoned by Goofer’s dust.

Other uses within such spiritual practice also involve the herb aiding finding good luck, helping to find a new job or a raise, achieving invisibility, or acquiring some measure of control over the opposite sex.

Elder Flowers (CN) (P) (LSA)

Be in command of any situation, influence others with subtle suggestions. Boil a handful of the herb in a quart of water. Add 1 cup to your bath water when you need to be in control of your situation and of those around you.

Elder is also highly protective. To protect a home from intrusion sprinkle the dried herb into each corner. This is also said to ward off illness.

Elder Flowers, Poppy Seeds, and Oregano can be combined and ground into a powder then sprinkled around premises to keep the police away.

 Elcampane (L)

Mix with Vervain and Mistletoe in a Pink flannel bag and carry it with you to attract love.

Mix these three herbs and pulverize to make a truly powerful love powder.

Eucalyptus (C)

Boil to use in a cleansing bath.

To relieve the symptoms of a cold, brew this leaf into a tea (do not drink). Breathe the vapor as it rises.

Eyebright (PS)

– Brewed into a tea and drink, Eyebright is an aid to mental clarity and psychic power.

– The infusion placed on cotton pads which are then placed over the eyelids induces clairvoyance, however, the effect is not instant it might take a few weeks before the powers begin to work.

– Carried upon your person it will increase psychic powers and also help you see through deceptions and lies

Feverfew (P)

Feverfew is carried by clumsy or accident prone people to protect them from harm.

– Carry some in your pocket for safety from accidents.

– If you believe you have been cursed and are especially prone to accidents, boil feverfew and add the mixture to your bath.

Flax Seed ($) (P)

Flax Seeds are used for Money, Protection, Beauty, Psychic Powers, Healing.

– Flax seeds are used in money spells. A few can be placed in the pocket, wallet, or purse, or a jar should be placed on the altar and a few coins, plus some flax seed, added. This should be repeated each day to attract money.

– A bit of flax in the shoe wards off poverty.

– To protect yourself while asleep, mix equal parts flaxseed and mustard seed and place this mixture next to your bed. On the other side of the bed place a pan of cold water. You will be guarded during your slumber.

Frankincense Tears (C)

Item Description
– A most powerful mystical incense. Add to any ritual to increase the power. It is one of the three Holy Incense.

– Combine it with Sandalwood, and Myrrh and it can be used every day for purification, cleansing, and blessings.

Galangal (CT) ($) (L) (PS)

Galangal has been used for many different magickal needs.

– Creates a powerful force for affecting change and is often used in legal difficulties. Carry in your pocket for success in court cases.

– Worn or carried, it protects its bearer and draws good luck.

– Placed in a sachet of leather with silver, it brings money.

– Powdered galangal is burned to break spells and curses. It is also carried or sprinkled around the home to promote lust.

– Worn, galangal aids psychic development and guards the bearer’s health.

– Soak the root in sugared water and chew for protection or to bring money.

Gotu Kola (PS)

Aphrodisiac, longevity, meditation, psychic development, renewal. Gotu Kola is an excellent herb to aid meditation as it clears the mind and enhances the ability to concentrate. It is a great elixir of life and can be used for longevity, virility, and fertility. It is said to enhance sexual stamina and may be useful in tantric practices and sex magic.

To use gotu kola as a meditation incense, burn a small amount prior to meditation. Known as poor man’s ginseng. Traditionally used in India to improve intelligence, increase memory, and heighten resistance to fatigue and stress.

Grains of Paradise

Lust, Luck, Love, Money, Wishes

Magical Uses: Grains of Paradise are used in love, lust and money spells and sachets. It is also one of the herbs used for wishing. Hold some in your hand and make a wish, then throw a little of the herb to each direction, beginning in the North and ending in the West.

Hawthorne Berry (P)

– Protect your home and family against spells and evil spirits. Boil the berries for 7 minutes, allow the water to cool and sprinkle throughout the house.

– Carried in a sachet it promotes happiness in the troubled, depressed, or sad.

– Hawthorn has long been used to increase fertility. Because of this power, it is incorporated into weddings, especially those performed in the spring. The leaves, curiously enough, are also used to enforce or maintain chastity or celibacy. The leaves are placed beneath the mattress or around the bedroom for this purpose.

Hibiscus (H) (PS)

– Hibiscus Flower herb has numerous health benefits. If you drink herbal hibiscus tea daily it can effectively lower high blood pressure in as fast as one month.

– Hibiscus flower herb contains antioxidants that may help reduce the build-up of fatty deposits in arteries and reduced blood cholesterol levels and therefore reduce the risk of heart disease.

– Hibiscus has a cooling effect in the body.

– Dieters or persons with kidney problems often take hibiscus herb as a natural diuretic.

– The natives of southern India uses the Red hibiscus (Hibiscus rosa-sinensis) as a hair treatment. The red flower and leaves, extracts of which can be applied on hair to prevent and remedy hair-fall and dandruff on the scalp.

– The dried hibiscus herb is edible, and its often used in some dishes in Mexico.

– If you use hibiscus herb in your rituals and spells, you can use them effectively to attract love/lust; divination; and dreams.

– Psychic development, harmony

– Use in spells to assist in psychic growth and clairvoyance, and to promote peace and tranquility.


It is a powerful protection herb that keeps negative energies at bay. It can be used for aura cleansing and to consecrate magical tools.

Hyssop is the most widely used purification herb in magic. It is added to baths in sachets, infused and sprinkled on objects or persons to cleanse them, and hung up in the home to purge it of evil and negativity. Place fresh hyssop in a vase and allow the scent to cleanse a room.

Irish Broom

Increase your luck and ensure a steady flow of money…

Irish Moss

Irish moss can be carried or placed beneath rugs to increase luck and to ensure a steady flow of money into the house or pockets of the person.

Irish moss can also be carried while on trips for protection and safety or used to stuff luck or money sachets.


Use in sachets and spells to draw spiritual love and attract a soul mate. Carry or burn the flowers to draw wealth and money. Use in dream pillows to induce sleep or burn in the bedroom to bring prophetic dreams. Helps to promote new, innovative ideas.

Juniper Berries

Banishes all things injurious to good health; attracts good, healthy energies and love. Juniper berries can be carried by males to increase potency. Use a string of juniper berries to attract love. Burn for magickal protection. Use juniper oil in magickal workings to increase money and prosperity.

Kava Kava

Uses include aphrodisiac; potent sacramental drink; potions; induces visions; astral work; travel protection. Carry for success and job promotion.


Lavender in the home brings peace, joy, and healing. Lavendar is a traditional ingredient in love spells and sachets. Clothes scented with lavendar attract love. Rub your stationary with it before writing your lover. It will protect against cruel treatment by your spouse when worn. Lavender is used in purification baths and rituals. It is used in healing incenses and sachets. Carrying the herb will enable the carrier to see ghosts.

Lemon Balm

Main magical properties: purification and beauty. Lemon Verbena is known and used in spells to break bad habits, purify the body and the mind, cleanse your space and remove negative energy or malevolent spells. Use Lemon Verbena with a mixture of purifying herbs, oils, and resins such as myrrh, rue, sandalwood, gardenia, sage, and frankincense etc.

Lemon Verbena

Main magical properties: purification and beauty. Lemon Verbena is known and used in spells to break bad habits, purify the body and the mind, cleanse your space and remove negative energy or malevolent spells. Use Lemon Verbena with a mixture of purifying herbs, oils, and resins such as myrrh, rue, sandalwood, gardenia, sage, and frankincense etc.



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Licorice Root

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Life Everlasting

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Lily of the Valley

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Mandrake Root

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Muira Puama

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Orris Root

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Passion Flower

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Psyllium Seed

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Pumpkin Seed

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Quassia Chips

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Queen of the Meadow

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Rattlesnake Root

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Red Clover

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Rose Hips

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Shepherd’s Purse

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Slippery Elm

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Strawberry Leaves

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Uva Ursi

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Wood Betony

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Yerba Mate

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Yerba Santa

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Witch’s Grass

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Voodoo knows only one God, is Bondieu (French for “Good God”), derived from creole called Bondye. Since Bondieu is however so great that the believer cannot contact him directly, there is the Loa as a mediator. The Loa is a divine spirit, in whose power it is to change things. For the Voodoo believers Loa Racine, the Family Loa, whose worship takes place within the family for generations, while the main contact person.




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