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For over years, powerful voodoo priest, Norno has successfully cast spells in behalf of people from all walks of life. Today, he makes this promise to you:

“If your situation is not resolved to your satisfaction, I will refund your money up to one full year after I receive your request. Period. No exceptions.”

If you are not completely satisfied with any item or service you buy from us, we will refund your money for up to one full year after purchase. Everything we sell is guaranteed. Period. There is no fine print. You can return anything, up to one full year, for any reason.

To contact us or to request a refund, please email us at

Or you can write to us Using the contact form or address

Please be sure to include your order number (if known), your name, and your address. We will refund your money in the same way you paid originally, EXCEPT for cash. (If you paid via credit card, we will issue a credit to your card. If you paid via cash or check, we will send you a check.)

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How can Real Magic Spells cast his spell for me if he is so far away?
A. Clearing his mind of external thoughts, Norno concentrates solely on his client’s request. When he becomes one with his client, that is the moment Norno and his client are on the same wavelength. And Norno says it matters not if he is in the same room, the same town, the same country.

Q. How does Real Magic Spells summon the voodoo spirits?
A. Norno says it is difficult to explain the process of summoning the forces, the spirits that are all around us. He says, “It is what it is.”

Q. How can he give a one-year guarantee, which is very long, very unusual?
A. Norno is skeptical of those who do not guarantee their work, and says, “What does that tell you about their confidence in their ability? That they take your money and keep it whether or not they do their job?

Q. When can I expect Real Magic Spell’s spell to take effect?
A. Norno says casting a Real Magic spell is part art, part science, and as such it is impossible to tell precisely when a spell takes effect. Since the spirits work in mysterious ways I stretch out the time a client can ask for a refund. And I am known for these words, “if you are not happy, then I am not happy.”

Q. How long does it take from the time I place an order until I hear from him?
A. Depending on his schedule, usually you’ll get an email within a few days alerting you the exact day Norno will cast his spell in your behalf.

Q. Does a Real Magic spell “always” work?
A. Here are Norno words on this: “I believe in what I do. It is my calling. And I have dedicated my life to the art of casting real magic spells. I state this without hesitation and without compromise. The fact that a high percentage of my clients return to me time after time after time is testament to the success of my spell casting. But of course there are instances when a client does not experience the results he or she had asked for, and that is when a refund of my fees is forthcoming. And many times these same people return to me again because they know I am good at what I do.”

Q. My problem is serious and my life is in shambles. Can you help me?
A. It is because of good people like you who ask for my assistance that keeps me going. And when I hear from them afterwards, quite often with good news…it tells me that I am doing something that is needed – and that I am doing something good.

Shipping & Handling

Amulets are shipped but spells are always sent via email.
(We offer flat-rate charges for shipping & handling, regardless of order size.)

Orders with only Spells                                        

                                                                                                          USA                                                     Canada                                             All Other Countries

Normal Email Delivery                                                                   $2.95                                                     $2.95                                                        $2.95

Rush Email Delivery                                                                       $5.95                                                      $5.95                                                        $5.95

Orders with Amulets & Spells, or only Amulets

                                                                                                                       USA                                      Canada                                             All Other Countries

Normal Processing & Delivery                                                                  $4.95                                      $7.95                                                            $9.95

                                                                                                                 First Class Mail                     Global Air Mail                                       Global Air Mail        

                                                                                                                8-10 business days              8-10 business days                                       2-4 weeks

Rush Processing & Delivery                                                                     $7.95                                       $14.95                                                           $25.95

                                                                                                            First Class Mail                         Global Priority Mail                            Global Priority Mail
                                                                                                            4-6 business days                      4-8 business days                                   approx. 2 weeks

Shipping and delivery times are approximate. During holidays it may take longer for us to process your order. Please be patient and allow additional time for your order to reach you.

We add 9% sales tax to taxable orders shipped to California.

International Payment Options are Credit Card, Money Order, or Paypal,Western Union,MoneyGram only.
Money Orders MUST be in U.S. currency.
We do not accept international checks.


Live Chat


We analyze your problem free of charge and contact you back by email. All your information is strictly confidential. Please fill in the contact form:
*Data required.
For such analysis, we need the following things: photos, names, and dates of birth of the people, who are involved in the problem.


If you cannot reach us or we are busy at the moment, please, contact us by email. This is the fastest way. We can have a session with some client or you are calling in the night time! Clients, who are not from United State of America should check before calling the time zone.

We judge every client and every situation individually.

We can help in the area of drawing partners together or reunion of partners, but just those people, whose souls and karma are interconnected. It means that the connection of partners leads to more joy, balance, and success for all partners.

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